Valerie is an asset to any algae project. She brings years of experience and a practical perspective that relates research to large scale cultivation, a skill that is extremely valuable. She is great to work with, has a positive can-do attitude and has perseverance when it comes to working towards completing projects and following through on interesting leads.

-  Lieve Laurens, Senior Research Scientist, Bioprocess Research and Development, National Renewable Energy Laboratory


I have found Harmon Consulting to be informed yet flexible and they have provided timely and valuable technical and operational advice for the algae project MBD is considering commercializing.

-  Roger Taylor, Senior Project Manager, MBD

Phil possesses a unique combination of molecular biology skills and practical applied algal cultivation experience. I expect that he would be successful in solving a variety of algal cultivation challenges through sound experimental design, attention to detail and comprehensive data analysis. In addition to Phil’s technical strength, his communication skills and collaborative approach will be beneficial to the overall success of his projects.

- Rebecca Ryan, Former Director of Field Trials, Sapphire Energy


Valerie clearly has broad, relevant knowledge about algal production systems at scale and the ability to apply this knowledge to experimental design, trouble shooting, and data analysis. Valerie was instrumental in organizing an effort around curation and analysis of a very large data set spanning more than 3 years by setting up well-organized spreadsheets to track progress. This allowed rapid success in pushing along the project. Valerie also possesses excellent team management and personnel skills and was an invaluable member of the team.

- Eric Knoshaug, Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory 


Philip Lee has unique expertise in algal molecular biology, crop protection, and cultivation process development with ten years of translational R&D experience between the laboratory and large-scale algae cultivation. His long track record of innovation, insight, and technological successes combined with his effective communication skills makes him a great addition to Harmon Consulting.

- Dr. Yan Poon, V.P. of Biology, Unity Biotechnology