If your company is interested in developing products from microalgae, we have the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. 



Why choose Harmon Consulting?

With over 46 years of combined experience in research and manipulation of algae at cellular level through to million liter plus production scale, as well as extensive management and business experience, we are experts in the field.

What services are offered?

Chances are, if your microalgae company needs some technical help, we can help. We offer the following services:

  • Microalgae production

  • Production cost analysis + control

  • Research + development

  • Analytical method development

  • Bioprospecting

  • Contaminant identification + elimination

  • Crop protection methods

  • Genetic manipulation for strain improvement

  • Personnel training

  • Due diligence

Why is microalgae valuable?

Microalgae is one of the most diverse set of plants found on the planet. It can be used for dozens of purposes from human food source to waste water clean-up, production of oils for energy use to pharmaceuticals, even cosmetics. The possibilities are limitless!



“Valerie is an asset to any algae project. She brings years of experience and a practical perspective that relates research to large scale cultivation, a skill that is extremely valuable.”