Microalgae Production

Our team has expertise in all types of production systems such as: laboratory, inoculum, open ponds, PBRs, phototrophic, mixotrophic and heterotrophic.

Production Cost Analysis + Control

Analysis of key drivers of production costs in order to identify areas to focus research to reduce costs, and while not hindering productivity.

Research + Development

Research plans and project management for improvements in production, downstream processing, new products, etc.


Analytical Method Development

Development of methods for nutrient tracking and analysis; quantification of biomass via optical densities, dry weights and ash free dry weights, and flow cytometry; quantification of compounds of interest such as fatty acids, carotenoids, etc.; and microbial testing techniques.


Unique algae strains can be collected and isolated from any region for production of your products. 

Contamination Identification + Elimination

Production system contaminant identification, along with potential source vectors which allows the root cause of contamination to be eliminated.


Crop Protection Methods

Our team has extensive experience in development of methods to manage/control contaminants including early detection methods for rapid response.

Personnel Training

On site, hands on personnel training of methods and procedures.

Due Diligence

Before you invest in a project, Harmon Consulting can evaluate your project to determine feasibility.


Genetic Manipulation

We have extensive experience in transformation and genetic manipulation techniques, transgene expression optimization, library generation and screening, and forced evolution for multiple organisms.


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